Woolzies 100% Pure & Natural Rosemary Essential Oil 1 Oz - Stimulating Scalp Treatment for Healthy Hair Growth - anti Aging - Skin Care for Acne & Wrinkles - for Diffusion & Topical Use - Aromatherapy

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Woolzies 100% Pure & Natural Rosemary Essential Oil 1 Oz - Stimulating Scalp Treatment for Healthy Hair Growth - anti Aging - Skin Care for Acne & Wrinkles - for Diffusion & Topical Use - Aromatherapy



Product Description

Woolzies Home Essentials

Woolzies carry's the world’s finest collection of essential oils, carrier oils, personal care products, home products, and oil collections. All our products are 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty free so that you can buy products that are 100% safe for you, your family, and the environment!

Woolzies Jasmine Essential Oil


Make a vitalizing and disinfecting room spray by combining 10 drops of jasmine oil, 5 drops of orange oil and 1 cup of water in a spray bottle.

Skin + Body

To apply jasmine oil to the body, dilute 4-6 drops in 20ml (2 Tbsp) of carrier oil.

For healthy and glowing skin, combine 2-3 drops with your face or body lotion and gently massage it into the skin. Apply diluted jasmine oil to cuts, blemishes, and insect bites to disinfect and speed up healing.

Add 5-10 drops of jasmine oil to a warm bath.

Pairs Well With

Jasmine oil pairs well with frankincense, sandalwood, geranium, bergamot, patchouli, lemongrass, and sweet orange.

For an aphrodisiac blend, combine 5 drops jasmine oil, 3 drops sweet orange oil, and 3 drops patchouli oil.

Single Essential Oils

Essential oils are fragrant concentrated plant extracts that are sourced from different parts of the plant, such as the flowers, leaves, grasses, fruits, roots, and bark. These oils are popular for their health and aromatic uses.

There are estimated to be 10,000 aromatic plants (ie that contain essential oils) on Earth, and about 500 of these are processed commercially for essential oil extraction. These oils have been used for centuries for both their healing and aromatic benefits, and Woolzies offers over 100 single essential oils, perfect for all your aromatherapy needs.

Pre-Diluted Roll-Ons

A convenient way to get wellness on the go, our therapeutic roll-ons allow you to target areas of discomfort and soothe ailments such as sleep, stress, pain and more by directly applying blends to your skin.

Woolzies offers these 100% pure essential oils diluted in our Carrier Oil, in ready-to-use roll-on bottles that are the perfect on-the-go essential oil use.

Essential Oil Blends

Woolzies blends are a combination of two or more single oils to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. They are 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade, Allergen Free Essential Oils Blends You Can Trust, Love, And Gift.

We offer a vast variety of blends that are safe, work, smell appealing and are affordable!

Essential Oil Sets

Woolzies Oil Sets are the perfect size to test what oils you love most and what suites your wellness best. All Sets are 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade, Allergen Free Essential Oils Sets You Can Trust, Love, And Gift!

Always have wellness on hand with these curated kits of essential oil blends that support your best self, no matter what mood you’re in.

Single Oils


Oil Blends

Oil Sets

Scent Your Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls

Jasmine Essential oil has a sweet, floral scent that pairs very well with our dryer balls. Freshen up your laundry and sheets by adding 5-10 drops to our wool dryer balls before beginning your drying cycle. Your laundry will have a fresh, lovely scent naturally!

The Woolzies Promise

High Quality.

We’re committed to only sell products made from the finest that Mother Nature has to offer.

Totally Natural.

We would never add anything toxic to our products, like parabens or (gasp!) artificial fragrances.

High Performance.

All Woolzies natural products are designed and formulated to have maximum effectiveness.


Package Includes:

  •  One (1) Woolzies 100% Pure & Natural Rosemary Essential Oil 1 Oz - Stimulating Scalp Treatment for Healthy Hair Growth - anti Aging - Skin Care for Acne & Wrinkles - for Diffusion & Topical Use - Aromatherapy 



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