Pet Parents USA Dog Multivitamin 4g 90c- Omega 3 For Dogs + Glucosamine for Dogs + Dog Probiotics + MSM for Dogs, Multivitamin for Dogs, Dog Vitamins + Dog Immunity, Vitamins For Dogs & Puppy Vitamins

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Pet Parents USA Dog Multivitamin 4g 90c- Omega 3 For Dogs + Glucosamine for Dogs + Dog Probiotics + MSM for Dogs, Multivitamin for Dogs, Dog Vitamins + Dog Immunity, Vitamins For Dogs & Puppy Vitamins



  • 5-IN-1 USA DOG MULTIVITAMIN: All in one multivitamin for dogs that provides optimal health & growth for your furbaby. From promoting dog joint health & skin coat care, to providing digestive enzymes & probiotics for dogs, & boosting heart & immune health, our dogs vitamins have your pup covered, regardless of breed, age, & size. From puppy vitamins to senior dog vitamins, from small dog multivitamin to large dog multivitamin our natural multivitamin for dogs has you and your furbaby covered.
  • NO FILLERS + BRANDED INGREDIENTS: Pet Parents dogs multivitamins are lead with whole meats & veggies, not rice & oats. In addition to our dog vitamins premium active ingredients, our other inactive ingredients are also loaded with nutrients: chicken, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, & carrots. We use the clinically-proven branded ingredient, PurforMSM, that undergoes a proprietary process that increases its efficacy & is more effective than basic MSM for dogs found in majority of other supplements.
  • DOG JOINT HEALTH + SKIN & COAT CARE + DIGESTIVE, HEART & DOG IMMUNE SUPPORT: Our vitamins for dogs help nourish a healthy skin & coat through omega 3 for dogs & provide hip, joint & cartilage support through glucosamine for dogs, chondroitin for dogs, & dog MSM. Healthy aging & growth, & the lowering of bad cholesterol for a healthier heart is promoted by Vitamin A, C, & E, & CoQ10. Our dog vitamin chews help breakdown nutrients & promote a healthy dog immunity through digestive enzymes
  • POWERFUL BLEND OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our dog multivitamins consist of some of the most effective ingredients you can find. Biotin & Vitamin E provide dog omega 3 for skin & coat care. Glucosamine Chondroitin for dogs & PurforMSM, a pure form of msm for dog, promote hip & joint health. Folic Acid & CoQ10 improve blood circulation & heart health. Vitamin A, C, & E boost immune function, & a probiotic blend of 1 B CFU helps with digestion & nutrient absorption.
  • MADE IN GMP & FEDERAL APPROVED FACILITY + TOP DOG VALUE: Our pet vitamins for dogs are formulated by leading pet supplement scientists. Most other supplements are private labeled & have the same/similar ingredients, the only difference is their label. Our dog multivitamin chewables are unique & provide your furbaby with a high quality, result-driven, no filler formula designed to provide daily nutritional support to your furbaby, promoting happy & healthy slobbery kisses. Click add to cart now!

Product Description

Pet Parents dog vitamins supplement is "paws"itively the best! Our vitamins for dogs supplement assists with a healthy skin & coat, dog joint health, heart & immune health, dog digestive health, supporting daily heath, providing additional nutrients, boosting your dogs energy, and proactive preventative care for your dog! These supplements are the "paw"fect way to get your pup moovin' and groovin' and lovin' life! Don't just take our word for it, one of our furry-friends' can tell you!

Soft Chew Review: "Happy pup, happy momma!"

"I love that this vitamin has so many benefits! I have always looked for one & now I've found it. They must taste good cause she hasn't spit them our like she usually does lol. Everything she needs is in this little treat (she thinks it's a treat) Omega 3, digestive enzymes, vitamins A,C & E, Coq10, salmon oil, glucosamine, it's packed full of good stuff, as good as the vitamins I take & made in the USA, very happy about that! Definitely will buy again."

What Makes Pet Parents Supplement Soft Chews The Best Above The Rest!

Only The Best Ingredients Are Used For Your Pup!

  • Other dog supplement companies use fillers like rice & oats to bulk up their supplements. All these fillers do nothing for your pup! At Pet Parents our philosophy is "No grain. No corn. No soy. No preservatives."
  • Only the best ingredients are used for your fur-baby. That is why we lead with whole meats & veggies in all of our soft chew supplements!

It's Whats On The Inside That Counts!

  • Why give your pup a supplement if they won't eat it? Our inactive ingredients were meticulously made to make your dog want to eat them, like a treat! Packed with nutrients like Chicken, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, & carrots.
  • Pet Parents Supplements for dogs were specially crafted to have more active ingredients than other leading supplements. Active ingredients help assist with the immediate problem your pup is having or that you are trying to prevent!

Safety First - Made in the USA

  • Strict Standards: Our Soft Chew Supplements are created in the highest level, Safe Quality Food (SQF) facility that is FDA inspected and GMP-approved.
  • Tested: Our Soft Chew Supplements are tested for harmful bacterial pathogens, such as salmonella and E.Coli by a third party laboratory before ever leaving our facility and being sent to your home.
  • Fresh & Protected: It may seem like a small gesture, but our Soft Chew Supplements have a heat inducted seal liner that is air tight ensuring freshness and protection.

What are Branded Ingredients?

  • Branded Ingredients are clinically-proven ingredients that go through a proprietary process. These ingredients increase efficacy & is more effective than commonly used basic ingredients found in other supplements.
  • In our multi-vitamin supplement, we use PurforMSM. It is one of the purest forms of MSM in the world, and it helps maintain cushion between joints, resulting in mobility support.

Full of Thoughtful, Natural Ingredients

  • Skin & Coat Complex: Biotin, Vitamin E, & Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil; a beneficial complex that helps maintain a healthy skin & coat, providing you with the best snuggle buddy around!
  • Hip & Joint Complex: Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin Sulfate, & PurforMSM; a powerful trio that enhances bone and joint health, helps maintain joint mobility, & promotes cartilage development.
  • Digestive Complex: Enzymes, Niacin, & our proprietary probiotic blend: helps support proper digestion & bowel health & maintain a healthy intestinal tract.
  • Immune Complex: Vitamin A,C, & E; may help provide antioxidant support to promote immune health and help with seasonal allergies
  • Heart Complex: Folic Acid & Coenzyme, a pure compound; helps promote normal circulation & support normal cardiovascular function.

Because They Are Family

At Pet Parents we create products that keep your home clean and your pet family healthy & happy.

We’re pet parents just like you and we find those excited tail wags, slobbery kisses, and loving purrs to be the highlight of our days. This is why we sniff around and dig deep to create quality, reliable products that provide an abundance of solutions for problems pet parents face every day.

Our passion and devotion to bettering the lives of pets everywhere not only shows through in our products, but also in our actions. We have donated over 10,000 products to local rescues and shelters and continuously strive to better the lives of furbabies everywhere.

To us Pets Are Family, and we are here to help your fur family live longer, healthier, and happier lives.


Package Includes:

  •  One (1) Pet Parents USA Dog Multivitamin 4g 90c- Omega 3 For Dogs + Glucosamine for Dogs + Dog Probiotics + MSM for Dogs, Multivitamin for Dogs, Dog Vitamins + Dog Immunity, Vitamins For Dogs & Puppy Vitamins 



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