Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses,Anti Fog Safety Readers Blue Light Blocking for Women Men,No Line Multifocal Readers

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Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses,Anti Fog Safety Readers Blue Light Blocking for Women Men,No Line Multifocal Readers



  • Plastic frame
  • Resin lens
  • Non Polarized
  • Lens width: 51 millimeters
  • Bridge: 19 millimeters
  • TRIFOCAL READERS - Progressive multifocus glasses for all your need. The bottom part of the lens is full-power magnification, then used for nearly distance reading. The middle part is slightly reduced power magnification for working on computer, watching TV, etc. Top part is half-power magnification for walking, shopping and so on. It means that you can wear the glasses anytime and anywhere.
  • SMART ANTI FOG SAFETY GLASSES - In addition to being a smart reading glasses (you can see clearly at near, middle and long distances), the anti-blue lens allows you to enjoy digital time all day, and the anti fog protective glasses can make you better protected outdoors
  • ANTI-FOG & ANTI BLUE LIGHT LENS Anti-fog,glare and blue light resistant for better visibility,double coated, untinted lenses mean no fogging up or optical distortion so you can see clear all times.The anti-fog effect is better if you used with anti-fog cloth.
  • DIMENSION - Lens width: 51MM (2.01in), Lens height: 43MM (1.7in), Bridge: 19MM (0.75in), Arm: 135MM (5.31in
  • Most people wear a new progressive multifocal glasses need about 1~2 weeks of adaptation, but the adaptation period varies from person to person, please care for walking when you feel dizzy. Note: As two sides of the len is astigmatism disorder district, you need to turn around the head and eyes in order to see objects on your both sides clearly

Product Description

-What are progressive multifocal reading glasses?

Progressive multifocal glasses are lenses where

the upper optical area is used for distance viewing and the lower optical area is used for near viewing.

Most people take about a week to adjust to wearing progressive multifocal glasses, but the adjustment period varies from person to person; walk more slowly when you feel dizzy.

When going down stairs, please use the upper optical area, you will feel comfortable.

This is a multi-focus goggle processed from safety glasses


-Blue light blocking lens

No more eye strain with your blue light glasses. Reduce eye fatigue and sensitivity to light when facing digital screens. Perfect for office workers or anyone who needs to look at screens all day.

-Anti-fog lenses

Indoor and outdoor, they dramatically reduce the possibility of fogging and ensure that your vision is not blocked

-Multifocal lenses

It has 3 different zones, a distant viewing zone for driving and walking and other long distance viewing needs, a transit zone best suited for computer work or to help you adapt to changes in the prescription of your glasses and a strong magnification zone best suited for reading and writing, using cell phones.

Blue light is harmful

Our lives are full of blue light, which comes from media and natural light, which will damage our eyes and affect our sleep.

Blu-ray in life

We spend time on mobile phones and work every day, most of which will have blue light. I often feel eyestrain, dryness, poor sleep, and headaches.

Our 7 coating lens

The 7-layer coating technology blocks all harmful blue light, while blocking ultraviolet rays, anti-reflection, anti-scratch and other functions, providing you with a clear vision for a long time.


Package Includes:

  •  One (1) Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses,Anti Fog Safety Readers Blue Light Blocking for Women Men,No Line Multifocal Readers 



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